Loom knitting fun: doggie sweaters for Cooper and Eddy

I simply love creating tiny sweaters, and my latest knitting projects have been dedicated to my beloved canine companions, Cooper and Eddy. These sweaters are designed for various occasions. To keep them warm during the winter, I’ve fashioned snug, cozy sweaters. For a more playful and funky vibe, I’ve created sweaters with colorful stripes, featuring charming belts and buttons. And for their everyday comfort, I’ve designed straightforward, yet stylish sweaters. Additionally, I decided to venture into fair isle knitting for Eddy’s winter sweater. It’s my first attempt at this technique, and I opted for a simple pattern, but I’m eager to expand my skills and create more fair isle designs, especially for the upcoming Christmas season!

Finding the right size for these sweaters was a bit of a journey. Ultimately, I settled on using my 20-peg knitting loom instead of my 12-peg loom, which I had previously used for crafting Cooper and Eddy. Hope you like them!

Discover a complimentary pattern here for my everyday comfort sweater. A full pattern for making Cooper and Eddy is available in my shop. This pattern includes a pattern for making a striped doggie sweater with belt.

Snug and cozy in their winter sweaters

Looking dapper in their colorful striped sweaters

Everyday comfort

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