My feathered friends Dakota and Maverick.

I recently welcomed a new companion for Maverick, my first little loom knitted eagle. She goes by the name Dakota and she is a bald eagle. I had the privilege of witnessing one in the wild many years ago during my visit to the San Juan Islands in Washington state, USA. I was also lucky to encounter another eagle during a stroll along the beaches of Sligo in Ireland, Not sure what type of eagle he was, but the encounters with these magnificent birds left quite an impression on me.

As you might have read from Maverick’s story, I like to give my loom knitted animals a bit of a comic look and their own characters. Maverick and Dakota fancy themselves as “mighty eagles” and they firmly believe they reign supreme in the realm of Loomies. Unfortunately for them, my other Loomies aren’t quite as impressed, considering they are quite small and not as wise as you would expect from eagles. However, these these feathered friends are quite innocent and the cutest companions.

Dakota is also made on a 20 peg knitting loom and follows the same pattern as Maverick, but she is easier to make as her body part and wings only feature one color. Stay tuned as I will release a loom knitting pattern for these beauties in the near future.  

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