Kingston, my cute little reggae owlie

Kingston, little knitted reggae owlie

Continuing on my owlie theme I created Kingston, my little reggae owlie. When making Einstein and Newton, I suddenly thought that I could make the mad hairdo longer and turn it into a rasta/reggae look. Thankfully, I had the perfect colors in my yarn box, allowing me to quickly bring Kingston to life.

Just like my previous owlies, Kingston was crafted mainly using my 20-peg knitting loom. However, for his beanie, I switched to a 24-peg loom and opted for a looser stitch technique (e-wrap). Though I don’t frequently use this stitch as it can be quite loose, but I thought it well suited the beanie.

Now, fueled by inspiration, I have another new owlie in mind. With one of the biggest events taking place in Amsterdam in August, the locals might already have an inkling about the type of owlie it will be. One thing’s for certain: it will be bursting with vibrant colors, just like the festivities it represents!

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