Meet Fernando, my little rainbow owlie 🌈🦉

This week Pride Amsterdam started and the city has transformed into a sea of rainbow flags. This inspired me to create another colorful owlie- called Fernando.  Joining the ranks of his companions – Kingston, Einstein, and Newton – Fernando couldn’t possibly be without his own mad hairstyle and look, bursting with the vibrant colors of the rainbow flag.

Fernando is crafted once again on my 20 peg flower loom. Now, I know people have been looking for this particular loom. It is from KnitUk and available on Amazon and Etsy.

This time I did not use my steel brush for fluffing up Fernando’s mad hair. Instead, a chance encounter at my local DIY store led me to the discovery of a small spark plug brush. I tell you, its softer bristles are a lot less painfull then my steel brush.

As the streets of Amsterdam come alive with the celebrations of Pride, Fernando can’t wait to join the party. He really likes to be a symbol of love, acceptance, and unity. Here’s to celebrating in style and crafting with heart! 🎉🧶🌈

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