My little multi-coloured turtles. Happy together!

I have to go back quite some time when I designed my first turtle. Probably about 1,5 year ago. I had a vision of creating a colourful and vibrant little turtle, experimenting with various colours from my yarn box. My husband was immediately taken by this charming turtle and affectionately named him Wilbur. Ever since, Wilbur has become a cherished member of the Loomie family, residing in my husband’s cozy little microcamper. He has a wanderlust spirit, loves travelling to different countries, especially beach destinations. Wilbur is a great laid-back companion giving a sense of calm and ease during hectic journeys on the road.

After Wilbur, I continued experimenting with vivid colours found in my yarn collection. I love mixing and matching colours, resulting in various (mismatched) combinations like pairing pink with yellow, for instance.

Over time, I’ve gifted quite a few turtles to others, spreading a bit of handmade joy. They are great companions for fellow turtle enthousiasts. Occasionally, I create new turtles using leftover yarns from previous projects, ensuring no materials go to waste.

To bring these charming turtles to life, I use my 20 peg (small gauge) loom. It’s a fantastic knitting loom that creates tighter patterns, ideal for my colour patterns. If you have any ideas for new colour combinations I love to know!

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