I proudly present Felicity, my little fox.

The journey to bring her to life has been quite challenging. It all started last year when I decided to ask my husband which creature he would like me to make. He turned out to be a fox lover, just like me. With this inspiration in mind, I set out to design my first loom-knitted fox, but it wasn’t as smooth as I hoped.

I usually have a clear picture in my head, but this time, I struggled to imagine Felicity. My initial attempt resulted in oversized paws, a too pointy snout that didn’t quite capture any cuteness, and the wrong yarn color. Despite multiple tries, I decided to put the project on hold, convincing myself that I needed to learn more techniques. But quite honestly, I was fed up with it.

However, recently I stumbled upon a great cartoon image of a fox on my Pinterest feed. Suddenly, a vision of Felicity began to take shape in my mind. With renewed determination, I tried again. It required time, effort, and attention to detail, but I’m thrilled with the final result. She will be difficult to recreate with all the shaping, brushing and even felting involved, but at least I have a pattern now that I am quite happy with. I hope you like her as much as I do!

Every bit of Felicity’s creation happened on my trusty 12 peg flower loom, using a blend of 80% acrylic and 20% wool yarn in both a soft white and a blend of orange and brown yarn. To achieve her fluffy appearance, I used a steel brush, although I must admit, it’s not the best tool for the job, as it often caused me harm. I have learned my lesson and plan to order a slicker (pet) brush for future projects.

I spent a great deal using my fine felting needle to shape her features, especially the snout and around the eyes. So really she has been a lot of work, but proud of how she turned out.

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