Welcome Maverick, my little eagle

The tale of Maverick originated from a simple idea – a cartoon character. As a little kid, I aspired to be a cartoonist, sketching characters of my own. Even to this day, I love cartoons, so instead of sketching, I envisioned a knitted eagle with a cartoonish charm.

Now I have no idea what type of eagle Maverick is, but he loves the mountains. Taking him on an adventure to the French Pyrenees, he proudly showcased his wingspan. Creating his wings was a process of trial and error, but eventually I got a pattern down! This reflects my typical creative process – a pattern takes shape gradually as I work out an idea in my head.

I added clawed feet to Maverick, which, as I understand are called talons. Afterward I discovered that real eagles possess four toes – three in the front, one in the back. Maverick only has three, but somehow I don’t think he is bothered by it 😊.

Using a 20-peg loom, I crafted Maverick with tweed yarn for a subtle speckled look. I hope you like Maverick as much as I like. He really is an endearing little birdie who loves to go on adventures.

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