Cute Cooper, my beloved little doggie

Cooper, little loom knitted dog

It was such a delight to make this little trooper. I wanted to make a little endearing doggie that makes a great little companion and brightens everyone’s day. And Cooper is very dear to me. He holds a special place in my heart and is a source of comfort whenever I have a rough day or find myself consumed by work-related frustrations. Cooper never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Initially, I made Cooper using a bulky chocolate brown yarn on my 12 peg loom. This loom is designed for making flowers and has a larger gauge, which asks for a bulkier yarn when making knitted animals. While the yarn I used wasn’t the softest, I still adore him and he stays by my side, I won’t give him away. However, I made another version of Cooper using a softer blackish yarn to make him feel more cudly. You can see the difference in the images below. I also managed to acquire another soft chocolate brown yarn, slightly different from the first one, but I plan to incorporate this into future creations. I also have a light brown yarn at my disposal, ensuring that Cooper can be made in different colours.

To give an extra touch of charm to his appearance, I decided to give Cooper a prominent nose. I knitted this feature on a French spool loom and afterward felted it with a fine felting needle.

Now the real fun part—knitting Cooper’s collection of doggie sweaters! Currently, I have a simple design as well as a more complex one with various colours and a button to secure the belt beneath his belly. The process of crafting these sweaters is a continuous journey as I explore new patterns and techniques, striving to master the art of doggie sweater creation on a knitting loom. I must admit, it presents its own challenges, and at times, I find myself wishing I had also learned the art of crochet.

A full pattern for making Cooper is available in my shop. This pattern includes a pattern for making a striped doggie sweater with belt.

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