Hello Vesper!

Vesper, the little loom knitted cat

Now I am a cat lover, so had to make a cat. And in my mind it had to be a feisty, but charming little kitty cat. So here is she is, Vesper. This little enchanting feline friend is a quite a madam and mischieveaous, but melts my heart with her innocent look ­čśŐ. She, like any cat, likes to sit up high so she has a good vantage point to observe her surroundings. Now I currently display her on my mantelpiece but she looks great on any elevated surface.

Designed from scratch, Vesper was brought to life on a 12 peg knitting loom. I paid special attention to detail to try and capture the essence of a playful little cat. To add a touch of realism, I used beading wire for her whiskers and experimented with the eyes. Unlike my usual approach, I incorporated layers of brown and white around the safety eyes to achieve a more authentic cat-like appearance.

Though I initially envisioned Vesper as a pitch-black beauty, I still had this lovely yarn that, while not quite pitch-black, is so soft with a texture that I absolutely love. ItÔÇÖs actually a blend of 80% acrylic and 20% wool. This particular yarn has become a favorite of mine, but I’m still on the lookout for a truly pitch-black version.

Vesper in hand palm

Stay tuned for more cats
I am planning to make more pussy cats. Already have an idea in mind for a fat tomtom cat. And I also got this great pink furry yarn. Might make a pink furry Vesper lookalike too.

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