Loom knit an enchanting witch hat for Halloween with velvet yarn.

With Halloween coming up Vesper wanted a witch hat. A luxurious one knitted with velvet yarn. She is a bit high maintenance.  ­čśŞ

If you’d like to create your own enchanting witch hat, follow the pattern below. Whether you use a 24-peg knitting loom or opt for a larger or smaller one, the pattern is adaptable. Just remember that if you choose a bigger loom, you might want to make the brim more generous ÔÇô it’s all up to your preferences.


  • 24 peg knitting loom (or bigger or smaller depending on who or what you make it for)
  • Velvet yarn. Or a yarn of your own choice, for the 24 peg use minimum medium aran worsted yarn)
  • Knitting loom
  • Yarn needle


  • Start with the brim and E-wrap loosely 24 pegs in the round.
  • Knit 10 rows (U-wrap stitch) in the round.
  • Then place your bottom loops back onto the peg and knit-off.
  • Continue knitting 3 rows in the round.
  • Decrease peg 1 by placing it into peg 2, continue knitting the remaining pegs.
  • Then decrease peg 24 by placing it onto peg 23 and continue knitting to peg 2.
  • Continue decreasing at the end of each row, going back and forth until you have 1 peg left.
  • Cast-off the last peg and use the tail string to sew the hat together. For a seamless and nearly invisible seam, it’s recommended to use the mattress stitch. There are numerous helpful tutorials available on YouTube to guide you through this technique.
  • To finish your witch hat, work away all ends and shape it into a classic witch hat form.

That’s all! Enjoy your magical moments with your handcrafted witch hat.

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