Making furry monsters for halloween, or any season

With Halloween just around the corner, I had to create some adorable furry monsters. Meet BeBe and FurBal, two mischeaveous characters brought to life with a simple 12 peg loom, French spool loom and some soft, furry yarn.

Crafting these little monsters was quite easy. All it took was knitting 15 rows of fluffy black yarn on the 12 peg loom and for their feet, I used the French 8 peg spool loom to knit 6 pegs of bulky black yarn. After that, I filled them with soft filling, attached two safety eyes, and added accents with white yarn. Finally, I sewed on a piece of white string to create their zipped-up toothy grins.

To give them a touch of individuality, I gave BeBe a witch hat made from velvet yarn, and FurBal a stylish top hat made with shiny yarn. But you can really make any hat you like, no matter what the season!

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