Welcome my little cute monster, Odin!

Usually, I make animals, but inspired by some digital art on my Pinterest feed, I decided to create a little monster with furry, soft yarn. He had to be cuddly, and I wanted to use vibrant colors, so I chose purple and bright green. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a design come to life just as you envisioned it, and Odin turned out perfectly. I love this little monster so much that he’s staying right here with me!

Odin was made on a 24-peg loom using the U-wrap knit. I added layers of white around his eyes and felted them to give a smoother, seamless look. For his teeth, I knitted them first and then felted them in place. As a final touch, I added little tufts of yarn for hair on top. I’m currently working on the pattern, so stay tuned.

Creating Odin was such fun. He brings a touch of joy to my Loomies family. There’s something magical about seeing a creation come to life, especially when it turns out even better than imagined. I hope you find as much joy in Odin as I do, whether you make your own or let me create one for you. Just send a DM if you like a little Odin for yourself or as a present for a loved one. While colors are limited with furry yarn, feel free to mention what colors you’d like.

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