The one and only Gus! My little loom knitted ginger tomcat.

A little while back, a friend of mine asked if I could create a cute ginger tomcat. She had a cat named Guus (Dutch for Gus). While Guus had passed away a few years ago, he became the inspiration for my project. I envisioned a cozy, chubby ginger tomcat, much like the beloved Guus. A friendly character, that shares the same love for humans, possessing a calm, mellow demeanor and an irresistibly affectionate purrsonalitity.

For Gus’s creation, I chose a combination of orange and mustard yellow yarn to introduce his stripes. Using a 24-peg loom, I crafted his body, head, and ears. His paws took shape on a French spool loom, and to accentuate the details, I added white felted pads. For his bushy tail, I used a 12-peg flower loom. And finally, to add a touch of fluffiness, I delicately brushed the finished creation with a soft spark brush.

I am working on a pattern for Gus, so keep posted!

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